Maybe the words, “social media”, “web building” or “networking” are enough to send you into a fit of chills and a cold sweat. The thought of taking any time out of your week to keep up a website sounds worse than spending the same amount of time in the sixth circle of hell. At this point, you should take a deep breath. You’ll feel better by the end of this article.

With our cyber-obsessed generation, a visit to a business or restaurant is often preceded by a visit to the website. (If you don’t have a website at all, we’ll have a chat with you soon) At this point, your chances of gaining that potential client rely greatly on whether or not your website is: 1) attractive, 2) easily navigated, and 3) updated with current information. If you just cringed, you have probably lost a decent number of potential clients because of a website nobody wants to visit. Even if your website is updated with current information, the hideous ox-blood colored background may be scaring people away. Appearance is key as it is a reflection on your business. Here are some reasons as to why attractiveness is important, as well as some pointers on how to make your website look amazing:

1) Having an attractive website captures interest.

Maybe it’s a groovy font, maybe it’s a super-fun photo of your staff or a fantastically popular meal you serve. Whatever the case, your front page should be welcoming and give your potential clients a taste of the environment they are about to visit.

2) It encourages simplicity.

Sure, that pattern may look great as your living room wallpaper, but a cluttered web background is distracting. If there are too many blocks of text, too many colors, too many patterns, too many different kinds of font or graphics, you confuse and distract your audience. Choose clean lines and colors that will help draw the reader’s attention to the most important parts of your site.

3) It attracts your target audience.     

Who are you trying to lure with your website? Young people? Seniors? People with dogs? The theme of your website (colors, graphics, font, style) should reflect your business and who you are trying to draw as clients.

4) It’s easier to navigate.

Functionality and attractiveness go hand in hand. Simplicity is far better than chaos and little details can dress up the whole site. For instance, a fun font can decorate your navigation bar. The way you lay out your informative text can be done in such a way that it is simple to find and easy on the eyes.

Blog Photo Architect5) It allows you to be taken more seriously.

Websites look a lot different now than they did ten years ago. If your website looks outdated or just dead, that is taken as a reflection on your business for people who have never visited before. You could have a totally awesome product, service, or food and people not know because your website looks like it was designed by someone who time warped from the 90’s.

There are many different helpful tools if you are looking to start updating your website on your own. Many servers offer simple, clean templates that are easy to use. Or you could hire us to build your website for you! alder|creative has a thing for helping businesses connect in fresh ways and our design work is top-notch and on trend. We have the ability to make your life much less frustrating and your website come to life. Call us for a chat and great ideas!