Anyone can tell a story, but what does it take to tell a story well?

Think of your favorite story. Was it action packed? Was it full of heart-melting romance? Was it a comedy? Whatever your preference, an ingredient in that tale had something you felt connected to; something that kept you watching or reading or that made you sad when it came to an end.

Here are a few ideas to give your marketing and storytelling that extra “something” to keep customers and clients coming back for more: 

1) Give it a hook.
A hook is the part of a story that grabs your attention and what sets it apart from other stories. A hook gives you something you weren’t expecting and raises the storytelling stakes.

 2) Conflict and Resolution
Where would the suspense have been if Jim in Treasure Island had found the treasure without the interference of pirates? There needs to be a conflict that eventually resolves near the end of the book. How does your product or service bring something to resolution? Look at it from the consumer’s perspective. What is their conflict? Talk about it – what can your product do to help your client or customer with their conflict? How can your service resolve an issue?

 3) Use VAK (Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic) Techniques
When the mind begins to imagine themselves within a specific experience, it takes them from passively listening to feeling as though they are taking part themselves. Video is one of the most simple ways of achieving this. Through music and descriptive videography, you can draw people into your story. It’s like that day I saw a commercial for a Wendy’s Frosty. I’m still craving one weeks later. Through written word, we immerse the reader through descriptions and how the experience felt – what it tasted like, what they smelled, what they saw, etc.

4) Appeal to the Listener’s Desires
This comes by knowing who your audience is. What do they want out of life? What do they need? What are their hardships? Your story will appeal to these things. Sort of like the Frosty commercial. I was hungry and Wendy’s said, “You need a Frosty”. And then I said, “Yes. Yes I do.”

Try your hand at storytelling with us! Using the concepts we’ve been teaching over the last few weeks, start writing your story and share it with us. Our passion is connecting with people and businesses through storytelling. Contact us by emailing: