alder|creative’s mission is not just to build websites, but to build them with a brand in mind. Think of a website as a frame to showcase the business, a tool to build a brand. When Debra Buzzard approached alder|creative with her request for a website, she gave Britta and Eric Jackson a chance to showcase what they do best.

Debra’s jerky business is a two-generation project. It started with her dad and was passed onto her. She loves selling jerky and wanted to maintain the defining characteristics of her business while also creating a more relevant brand and web presence. “I  decided I needed a website in order to reach more customers and grow my business,” says Debra. “I hired alder|creative because of their fresh ideas and because of how their webpage looked.”

I think the website is really  just a snapshot of her business on the internet. – Eric Jackson

The process began with a consultation – something alder|creative offers free-of-charge to those interested in their services. Debra liked what she heard and soon enough, she was signing a contract and discussing designs and options with Eric. From consultation to completion, the website took about 8 -10 weeks to create. With it were included a logo, business cards, and files to develop print signage – everything Debra would need to kick off her new branding.

“Debra came to us because she was looking to transition from it being her dad’s business to it being her own. She was frustrated with web platforms and unsure of her design. We understood there was a history with her business but there was also a change happening, so we kept trademarks like the yellow sign with black lettering because it was a part of the history of the business. I didn’t know Deb, but I knew about the local jerky business with a yellow sign. It was a recognizable piece of their business, so we kept it. But we added modern design elements to make it more friendly and attractive to customers,” explains Britta

I would say my favorite part of the website is the history page and how I became The Jerky Gal. The first time I showed it to my Dad he was very proud and thought it turned out great! – Debra Buzzard


Britta and Eric understood the importance of the history of the business, the recognizable features of the pre-existing brand, and the quality of the product. “I think it was really about making a spot where all her pitches and materials and events could exist. The history, how she sells it, and the accessibility of the product is there. It’s a snapshot of her business on the internet,” says Eric. Bright yellow color was a trademark of the business and it is prevalent throughout the website and branding. And, of course, the product is available for purchase in the attached online store.

The alder|creative team had fun taste-testing the product they were photographing for the online store. Whereas Debra would have been stuck and overwhelmed attempting to photograph every item for sale before resizing and uploading the image, alder|creative was able to save her the trouble. “Deb works full time and The Jerky Gal is a side project. She recognized it was unnecessary for her to go through such a difficult process.  She knew she had to do it but couldn’t manage it herself, so I appreciate that she was able to make the decision to hire us. It was an investment in her business and the goals she is trying to achieve,” reflects Britta.

 I have received so many positive compliments on my new look. I Love It! – Debra Buzzard

alder|creative is careful about reflecting the values of each business they represent in their online work, and for Debra, the values include selling only quality products. “The best part about being The Jerky Gal is selling top rated product to my customers!  I wouldn’t sell a product that I wouldn’t eat,” says Debra.

Relieving stress, developing a brand, creating relationships, and bringing an online presence to local businesses are all things alder|creative does best. Visit to buy amazing jerky and better understand what alder|creative can do for you!