Content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without. If that number doesn’t startle you, read 36 more statistics on how much more likely your posts are to be seen with visual content. Photos and video footage are important elements to any social media plan, blog, or website. The entire alder|creative team are photographers as well as emphatic believers in the power of visual content. It’s what will get your posts liked, commented on, or shared. And shared content is visibility, growth, and interaction with your audience.

Unless you’re a photographer, this prospect can be incredibly daunting. How do you utilize relevant photos worth sharing on social media? It will take some practice, but by applying the following ideas, you’ll be well on your way to increasing traffic, as well your number of followers. Everyone on the alder|creative team is a photographer and we emphatically practice all that we are about to share with you on both our personal and business platforms.

1) Take a photo safari.
It isn’t realistic for the average person to carry around a DSLR every day to snap relevant photos for their content. Instead, we recommend take a photo safari! Take a day to walk around your favorite neighborhoods, forests, beach, or market. Take dozens of photos of the things that interest you, even if the only camera you have is your phone!

Pro tip #1:The best kind of camera is the one you have with you.

After your photo safari, go through your images and save your favorites in a folder you can easily access. Couple them with future Facebook posts or use them on Instagram. The idea is to make utilizing visual content easy and accessible.

2) Use stock photography.
There are many online resources that offer inexpensive or free stock imagery. Utilize these resources for things like blog posts or quote backgrounds. Just be cautious of infringing on any copyrights. Images will often have notes on their pages as to whether or not they are available for personal or commercial use and under what circumstances.

Pro tip #2: Practice your photography by taking pictures of one person, item or staged setup from multiple angles and distances. Take a close look at all the photos you’ve taken and learn from which images are the most aesthetically pleasing. Don’t be discouraged! It takes diligent practice, but we promise taking attractive photos gets easier with time.

3) Hire a pro!
Now and then, it may be beneficial to you to hire a professional. This is especially applicable in cases of head-shots for you and your employees, special events, or images for permanent web pages. The more permanent a web page is, the better the quality of the photos should be. So images on your about, home, and contact pages are important places for custom, professional photography. Stock photos in this instance can look fake or cheesy, while amateur photos can make your website look cheap or careless. See what alder|creative has to offer in the way of photography by clicking here.