Instagram is all about visual content. The most popular feeds are full of quality images that have been staged in perfect lighting. Many people don’t know how to take quality images and so upload photos that are dark, blurry, or cluttered. By following a few tips, you can improve the look of your social media feeds and so gain more followers and, with any luck, more clients.

Find a pleasing backdrop. Your ideal backdrop depends on the style you’re going for. A foam white-board or wood plank makes a convenient and inexpensive background. Keeping this surface clean and on-hand can make your instagram styling much simpler.

Utilize natural lighting. Setup your staging near a window or go outside. Fluorescent lighting or lights with a yellow-cast can alter your white balance and make your photos look tired and dim. If you’re willing to invest, there are light kits designed for photographers that you can purchase to achieve natural-looking light.

Don’t clutter your images. Make sure you have plenty of empty space when staging your photos. Clear any junk or distractions from your background and purposefully choose the items you wish to stage for the image.

Crop your photos. Don’t try to get your framing perfect each time. It’s better to take a broader image and to crop it down than to get frustrated trying to achieve a perfect frame the first time around.

Shoot from multiple angles. Play with perspective. Take a step back. Take a step closer. Take a photo from above, beside, and in front. Then go through your images and choose the best one.

Your audience will notice when you start taking better care of your photo staging. So start practicing!