What goes behind a product? For us, it’s time, energy, computer work, networking, etc. But behind that are all the ways we prepare to do our work. It’s what we eat, how we sleep, the way our personal time is conducted and how much emotional energy we’ve spent.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, these activities that seem unrelated actually impact every aspect of our work. So how to set ourselves up for success?

Amidst the deadline crunching, phone calls, and social media scheduling, perhaps the hardest task to stay on top of is eating correctly. Some days, three lattes and a handful of crackers are all that see us through ‘til dinner time. And by then, we may be too tired to cook and so pizza it is. Other days (like today), we’ll gobble down a slice of leftover strawberry pie before picking up a tall flat-white at Starbucks.

Don’t be judging.

But let’s face it, while this type of eating may give us the fumes we need to make it through the day, we don’t exactly feel great while doing it. There are better ways to fuel our bodies and ways to prepare so that on our busy days, we still eat well. If you’re a small business owner and can relate to the above madness, may this be the encouragement you need to start eating better.

The best kind of food to have on hand is brain food! Here are some easy to prepare snacks to help you get through your longest days:

  • Hard boiled eggs: make a half dozen of these Sunday night and pop them all week long.
  • Almonds: portion out in advance or purchase from Trader Joe’s whey they are sold in pre-portioned packages
  • Smoothie packs: Chop up avocados, mangos, pineapple, and spinach before portioning them out in freezer bags. Blend with honey and coconut milk and jet!
  • Green tea: Limit your coffee intake (I know, sounds like blasphemy!) and try tea in the afternoon instead. Create a large pitcher and sip on it when you need a refresher.
  • Chopped veggies and hummus: Purchase baby carrots or other prepped veggies. Trader Joe’s has individual sized hummus cups making healthy that much easier.
  • Protein bites: Make these puppies over the weekend and pop them whenever you need an energy boost.

When life gets busy, it’s tempting to just let our health slide, but ultimately, so does the quality of our work when we do. Keep your mind sharp and your body nourished!