We’ve all been there, staring at the screen slack-jawed as we sit on writer’s block. Our thought process goes something like this: Why are we doing this blogging thing anyway? Who reads it? What’s the point? I’m really hungry. I’ve made a horrible mistake attempting this. I hate my life. Let me check Facebook for inspiration…

Content creation is hard, especially if you aren’t a natural writer. Let us give you a few tips to help make life a little easier. Grab your pen and notebook, you’re going to make a list.

Quality blog content that attracts readers won’t just be about you, your interests, or your business. Your blog content needs to be a mix of the following themes:

  • Topics that will be helpful or valuable to your ideal audience/customer
  • Updates or business promotions
  • Cross promotions of other businesses

What could I write that would be helpful or valuable to my client, you ask? If you own a restaurant, for example, don’t just blog about the amazing food you make. Share some of your favorite recipes. Write about cooking tips. Share photos from an event you hosted and give any contributors a shout-out. If you own a gym, write about health and workout tips. You get the idea.

The more valuable customers find your content, the more often they will visit your blog and your website and the more they will see your promotions when you post them. Try to focus on quality over quantity. It’s better to blog one great post a week than it is to try and write half-heartedly every day.

Your posts don’t need to be long, but do include visual content. A photo or two can add a great deal of interest to your post. Be conversational, but professional. Don’t use emojis or multiple exclamation points and be sure to check your writing for errors.

Other ways to help avoid writer’s block is to keep a continuing list of blog ideas. Schedule out your posts for the month so that you know your writing theme in advance. Take one day to write all of your posts for the next few weeks and then schedule them so you don’t have to think about it.

When you feel stuck, know there are avenues to making your job easier and less time consuming. Now go blog!