Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the innovators, the dreamers, the inventors, the visionaries and the risk-takers. They are those who looked around and said, “I can do better” or “I have something original to share.” They are happier working 12+ hour days pursuing their dream than they are working 9-5 for somebody else’s.

At one point, every business owner evaluated their work for someone else and decided they weren’t happy. And that they would never be happy unless they shook the idea-bee out of their bonnet and gave it a fighting chance.

Many business owners start out hoping their venture will result in more time at home with their families or doing what they love. They hope for financial success at some level and sustainability of what they’ve created.

Sadly, however, many entrepreneurs are racing toward burnout. In order to create a better life, they start a business. But the business is taking so much time and energy that it eats up their personal life. The stress drives them to work harder to grow the business, but all it does is add more balls to the juggling performance.

Can you relate? If you find yourself looking back toward Egypt and doubting the promise land exists, let us promise you it does and that you aren’t alone. But if you want out of the desert, you’ll have to make some changes.

Think of your business like a bucket full of holes. Into this bucket you are pouring your creativity, energy, finances, and time. If there are too many holes in the bucket, eventually it will be empty and you’ll be out of resources. So how to stop up the holes?

There are many pieces to the answer, a large one being delegation. Many try to run their business entirely solo. Either they don’t believe they have the finances to hire someone or outsource their tasks, or they are perfectionists hell-bent on doing it themselves.

If this is you, STOP IT.

Evaluate your business and figure out your largest drains. Is it accounting and taxes? Is it web management? Do you need more help with day-to-day tasks? Whatever your drain is and however much it may cost you, think about how much more time and emotional energy you’ll have to grow the business if you outsource that task. Once you’ve identified your drains, write out step-by-step solutions and follow through. Tackle just one at a time, but please don’t wait too long before taking steps.

At alder|creative, we believe a huge hole for many businesses is their design, web presence, and social media marketing. We offer services to manage these areas of business, but we don’t exactly do it from our love for these tasks. Yes, we enjoy our job, but more than the tasks themselves, we love helping small business owners find their work-life balance. We are excited at the thought of relieving stress so that people can get out and enjoy life more.
So let us ask, is it time you asked for help?