Community is important. We’ll elaborate on the why, but go ahead and meditate on that statement. Repeat it out loud until you believe it. Community is important, not just for personal health and well being, but also for the health of your business. As a business owner, it is vital you find your place in it.

We can’t give you a detailed how-to because that will be dependent on the type of business you own. But there are principles you can follow to help your business grow and add value to the people around you. Trust us when we say that cut-throat competition will get you nowhere fast.

Be present.
If you’re an introvert, this can be a difficult task. It means attending community events and having your finger on the pulse of your town. Get involved in community politics. Attend festivals. Stop at the local cafe for coffee. Shop local. Build relationships with other business owners and show your support for their endeavors.

Be active.
A great way to connect with other business owners is through collaboration. You can accomplish this through co-hosting an event or trading services or cross-promotion. If you are able to help one another in your weaknesses, it’s a win-win as both of you strengthen your business presence.

Give back.
If you’re trading services, give more than you take. Donate or raise awareness for a cause through your business. Sponsor a sports team. Whatever you choose, showing your community you care is key to building trust.

As you find your place in community, your business and the face behind it will become better known and trusted, building a strong foundation for you to succeed.

The alder|creative Team