In-between crunching deadlines and slugging back lattes, it can be easy to forget about watering the plants. This is unfortunate since I think most of us drool at the boho-inspired offices full of plant life. Houseplants can help purify the air and create a more cheery atmosphere, therefore boosting productivity. So if you are the kiss of death for plants, here are a few for you to try in your workspace! They are hard to kill, even for distracted creatives like ourselves.

Aloe Vera Plants
Aloe Vera is hearty and patient with those who forget to water on a regular basis. The soil needs to dry out between waterings, so depending on where you live, you may only need to water once every two weeks.

Snake Plant
This is also a plant that only needs to be watered about once every two weeks. It prefers you leave it alone – the perfect quality for a person-plant relationship.

Spider Plant
Conveniently, this greenery sprouts baby plants, making it easy and inexpensive to grow your plant collection.

Barrel Cactus
The prickles are there to let you know just how anti-social this plant is. The soil needs to dry between waterings, making it a fantastic vacation-plant.

Jade Plant
A flowering succulent, this plant will go dormant if you forget to water it.