With all of the incredible photographers and social media gurus online, managing an Instagram account for business can feel daunting. But you don’t have to be either of those things to run a successful, effective Instagram Feed. We’ve simplified the process down to three basic tasks that will help you take control and improve your feed.

1) Post consistently.
If you’re only posting once a week or less, you aren’t going to see growth in your followers or in the quality of your photos. Posting 5-7 times a week (once a day) with appropriate hash and location tags will make a big difference over time.

2) Interact.
Don’t just post and forget. If someone comments on your photo, comment back. Follow other people, comment on and like their photos. Do this a few times each day. Think of it as building a community of followers as you cultivate an ongoing conversation.

3) Write to engage.
Yes, it’s important to post quality images. But quality images without captions that engage won’t call people to action. Because of Instagram’s new algorithm, the posts that receive more likes and comments, will have greater organic reaches than the posts that don’t. Ask questions, show enthusiasm, and engage your audience.

By implementing these three things, you’ll see your Instagram following steadily grow and connect you with the right market, audience, and clients. Happy Instagraming!