So much of our discussion here is based on your web presence. We’ve talked about how to build your audience, how to encourage trust, how to spread your message and how to advertise. All very important topics everyone at alder|creative feels passionately about. But we’d like to take a moment to say that while your web presence is crucially important, it doesn’t mean a thing if it isn’t accurately reflecting a solid business.

-It doesn’t matter how great your storytelling is if you never email your customers back.

-You can have thousands of instagram followers and still be a failure if your day-to-day customers aren’t impressed with your product.

-You can have amazing online conversations, but unless you engage with people in real life, you won’t build a local community.

-You can style a perfect website, but if it builds false expectations of your business, you’ll develop a poor reputation both online and in real life.

In summary: An awesome web presence does not make up for poor business practice.

But when you’ve built a business that thinks of its customers first, provides great product or service, and has solid branding, your online presence will be the key to growth and success.