There are many methods for goal setting, but here’s one that might help you.

The 5×5 Plan from She Takes On The World.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got A LOT of ideas and goals floating in your head at any given moment. While it can be exciting, it’s really just distracting. You’re only one human with a limited amount of time. Finding some focus is essential to success.

So, the 5×5 plan allow for a little bit of that dreaming while still keeping your feet firmly on the ground. This plan might be a great solution for yearly planning, setting yourself up with big picture goals and a few milestones to ensure you’re moving toward them over a period of time.

First, you start with 5 big picture goals. You might choose to use this specifically within your business, or as a general “life” goal setting activity. The goals should be somewhat specific, but still “Big Picture.” Example:

Increase Profits for my business
Increase Social Media Presence
Take a Vacation
Start a Podcast
Practice Self Care

These goals should all be attainable in the time you’ve allotted. In my example, I would consider the end date to be December 31, 2018, giving me plenty of time to really grasp the goals and make my way to the finish line.

As “She Takes on the World” suggests, you might now create a Vision Board for each of these goals. I am not a big Vision Board type of person. It can be helpful to you though, especially since I believe taking time out to find images that reflect your goals plus the action of cutting, arranging, and pasting can activate a part of your brain that might otherwise be put on silent. It can be a sort of meditation and an opportunity to truly visualize yourself achieving these goals you just put down on paper.

From here, you’ll develop 5 milestones for each of the 5 goals. The milestones should be things you can check off, like a task list. And, hopefully, as you achieve each milestone, you’ll be brought closer to your overall goal.


Increase Profits for my business
Develop a budget for fixed costs
Review variable costs/sale
Create a measure for marketing spend/ROI
Create a monthly email promotion
Review prices and consider an increase

These goals still might be a little bit general, but are the guide that you will take as you attempt to reach the yearly goal. You can take time to focus on each item individually, hopefully get a solid asset in your overall goal, and move on to the next item. In my example, each item will require maintenance as well, but the bulk of the work is up front.

The key to setting these 5×5 goals is sticking to it! If you at some point realize that #4 is no longer of interest, then get rid of it and replace it. Move on from the idea of podcasting and get started on your Youtube channel instead with no regrets!

Speaking of regrets, this is my constant battle. In my head I have far more than 5 goals… it’s more like 500. And I can often feel regret for the time I haven’t spent on an idea, especially when I look out into the world and see others experience great success with something similar. Having that “why didn’t I do that sooner!?!?!” feeling in my gut.

It’s important to have those 5 goals in front of you and realize that you chose them for a reason and THIS is what success looks like for you.

What are your goals for this year? Have you made any strides already? Please share in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!