The holidays are coming up and we’re sharing our gift lists this season! These are items we love and/or want – giving you ideas for items (available locally) to buy for your loved ones (or for us!).

  1. OSEA Ocean Cleansing Mud

I originally can’t across this brand through Instagram and was immediately “needing” to get my hands on some. The packaging is beautiful, and I love the tones of the products. Plus, it’s plant based and some of the products seemed mild enough for my sensitive skin. My favorites are the Ocean Cleansing Mud and the Sea Minerals spray. Call me crazy, but I love the organic scent of the mud mask! I’m really happy that I can find this locally at Spa Elizabeth in Seabrook (and they ship for free!).

2. Bare Minerals

Again, I have sensitive skin and I also just had a baby a few months ago. After my first baby, my skin went crazy with the postpartum hormones. I didn’t want to go through that again! I had done some research on makeup that is safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding and found Bare Minerals. I’ve been using this for a few months and love it! I also grabbed this facial double cleansing brush to use with my standard sensitive skin face wash that I dare never stray from and it’s amazing! It gets my skin extra clean and I found it locally at Oceana Spa.

3. Pure & Coco Moisturizing Exfoliator

A few times a week I like to use the Lavender coconut and sugar scrub on my face from Pure & Coco. It’s a nice addition to my routine as an exfoliator but the coconut oil also gives my skin a ton of hydration. I can skip my usual evening moisturizer when I use this! Locally, I pick it up at Juniper Tree Boutique or The Marketplace.

4. All the Cookbooks

I used to read a lot but then I had kids and they can sense my interest in sitting down with a book and immediately start crying or *literally* grabbing the book and throwing it on the floor. I can usually get away with perusing a beautiful cookbook, so I’ve started a small collection. When I visited Joie de Livre at Seabrook recently, I noticed their killer cookbook selection. Here. Are. Some. That. I. Need.

5. Aberdeen – Lost Lander

An album inspired by our very own town? Yes. And it’s amazing. Eric and I went to see this performed at the Driftwood Theatre in June of 2019. The show was haunting as a (fictional) story was told of a young-ish guy coming to work in Aberdeen and encountering some pretty weird mystical stuff happening in the woods. It was so great and the music helps tell the story. I’ve been listening to the album on repeat this week still!