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What’s happening in the world of Grays Harbor businesses? Often more than you realize! Here we share what businesses are launching, starting something new or collaborating in order to bring new energy and positive vibes to our region.

The Brunch 101 Update: A Highlight of Brittany Case

Brunch 101 made a splash in the community with it’s beautiful branding, delectable meals, and it’s effort to support local businesses. More than a few people were disappointed when the restaurant unexpectedly shuttered its doors, exiting with almost as much of a splash as it did upon entry to the community.
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Aberdeen Farmer’s Market Launches May 26th!

Grays Harbor residents and visitors will soon have a new spot to pick up fresh, locally grown produce in Aberdeen on Sundays. The newly developed Aberdeen Sunday Market will run from 10am to 3pm each Sunday beginning May 26th and running through September 15th at the south end of Broadway in Downtown Aberdeen.
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Weekend Vibes: A Day Trip to The Loge at Westport

I’ve been doing a lot of introspective thought recently, specifically because I completed the 12 weeks of reading exercises outlined in the book The Artist’s Way. I don’t know that I believe in magic, but my life at the end of the 12 weeks looks very different from where I started. One of the thoughts that used to constantly pop up in my head (for years) is the idea that if I moved away, everything would be better.
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Upcoming Events


Aberdeen Sunday Market Opening Day

May 26th 10am-3pm

Let’s Go Legal: Non-Profit Workshop

June 6th 9am @ Grays Harbor College

Harbor Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs Meetup

June 6th 5:30pm @ Tinderbox Coffee

State of Grays Harbor

June 7th 7:30am @ Rotary Log Pavilion

Headshot Event

June 20th 10am @ Tinderbox Coffee


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Print Promotion Offers

Promoting your business can be an expensive endeavor! We typically recommend that your first step after you get your branding finalized is to ensure you have at least 3 pieces of print material that you can hand a potential customer while you're out and about in order...

The Accidental Architect

Casey Roloff ’95 imagined the town of his dreams on the Washington coast. He spent the next 17 years bringing it to life. Casey Roloff ’95 had just started to gain recognition for building custom homes on the Oregon coast when he decided, in 2002, to build an entire...

Q&A: Juniper Tree

Chelsea Royer of Juniper Tree Photography is a great local friend of ours (and a former employee!). She has been in the family and wedding photography business for years, and recently opened a cute boutique clothing and gift shop in Cosmopolis, Washington in order to...

Non-Profit Campaign: Grays Harbor Family Planning

The Grays Harbor Public Health & Social Services department offers a variety of services to the community. Through grant funding, they were able to develop a campaign to promote and advertise their in-house Family Planning clinic. We consulted with the managing...

Non-Profit: Target Marketing

If you work in the world of non-profits, you may have already realized that marketing is… complex. It might be so complex you don’t even realize you’re “marketing” or you don’t have a clear marketing plan. From our various work in non-profits, we’ve realized a few...

Non-Profits: Fundraising

It only took a quick Google search to see that there are nearly 800 registered non-profit organizations in Grays Harbor County. From education to social services to charitable funds, Grays Harbor contains a great number of projects aimed at improving the welfare of...