Elise Rooker

Working for Elise has been an adventure. We traveled all the way to New York City for this actress’s photo shoot and it was some of the most fun we had in 2015. Her website is simple in design, with a strong focus on photography, personality, and her resume. Her last website had too much clutter. We want her future hiring agents to be undistracted from the talent and beauty Elise has to offer the camera.

Mobile Friendly

The front page of this website is scrolling and mobile friendly. This is a huge factor in getting positive Google ratings. No fishing for information here! All of it is front and center and user friendly.


Every member of the alder|creative team is a photographer. We take pride in our ability to capture the essence and personality of both businesses and people. We believe visual content can be a hugely effective marketing tool and we encourage every client to consider having professional photos taken. A few quality images can go a long way.

What Elise has to say:

“I hired Alder Creative because I have been watching their portfolio grow exponentially over the last year. I was excited about the possibility of working with them on such a great project that took their style, creativity and talents out of their typical environment and brought them to the east coast where we could mix New York culture with a PNW vibe. I would absolutely recommend Alder Creative to everyone I know who is looking to broaden their business reach or freshen up their traditional means of communication and marketing with their clients!” – Elise Rooker