Project Description

Named for the owner, Lina Fine Yarns & Textiles required a high end “fashion” oriented brand. The ultimate goal for the owner was to have a product on-par with Italian textiles, providing top quality yarn hand spun from alpaca fibers.

Our final logo includes stately text with a strong aesthetic with a touch of the color purple to add a royal feel. Otherwise, the style is minimalist and focused on the touch and feel of the yarn through photography.

Project Details

Client LINA Fine Yarns and Textiles
Date 2017
Skills Branding, Package Design, Photography, Consulting

Branding & Photography

Our research on competitors and examples of brands reaching similar targets, we created a brand that exemplified classic style and cleanliness (as opposed to a more “craft” style).

Product Photography used a bright white backdrop with a variety of displays of yarn in a variety of color combinations.

Logo Design

The details on the L for LINA represent the fiber of the yarn. It sits nicely next to the more structured LINA text. The two elements are able to be used in combination or on their own for use in the variety of materials.

Web Design

The LINA website’s main goal is to attract wholesale clients. The website features prominent messaging directed at the target customer, pointing out the unique qualities of the product and leading the potential buyer to the appropriate information. There is also a database that makes the retailers information available for consumers.

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