Project Description

Q Mart manager came to us in search of a stronger direction for the overall brand. The company already had a logo and some advertising elements in place, but was in need of continual care and focus for the brand.

We developed a marketing plan focusing on outdoor coastal adventures. The Q Mart location in Aberdeen provides a “first stop” when arriving in Grays Harbor, on the way to a weekend camping or hiking trip. We brought these elements into the website design and other design requests.

Project Details

Client Q Mart
Date 2017
Skills Branding, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Web Design, Consulting

Website Design

We developed multiple strategy concepts and target markets, finally settling on our final decision to pursue the young, outdoor adventurous market.

The website includes space to update for monthly specials as well as a location to register the rewards card for in-shop purchases.

Graphic Design

We used Q Mart’s established designs to create high quality imagery for use on the website, gas station monitors and signage.

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