The Jerky Gal

alder|creative’s mission is not just to build websites, but to build them with a brand in mind. Think of a website as a frame to showcase the business, a tool to build a brand. When Debra Buzzard approached alder|creative with her request for a website, she gave Britta and Eric Jackson a chance to showcase what they do best.

Debra’s jerky business is a two-generation project. It started with her dad and was passed onto her. She loves selling jerky and wanted to maintain the defining characteristics of her business while also creating a more relevant brand and web presence. “I  decided I needed a website in order to reach more customers and grow my business,” says Debra. “I hired alder|creative because of their fresh ideas and because of how their webpage looked.”

Online Store

Deb’s website was more involved because of her online store. alder|creative spent hours taking photos of each individual product, editing and resizing them before uploading them into separate listings. The process is involved and alder|creative was able to save Deb hours of time and trouble by creating a professional online store that is mobile and user friendly.

Brand & Logo

Deb already had brand direction, with the bright yellow color at the forefront. Rather than overwriting the brand her father had developed, alder|creative simply enhanced it. Eric Jackson designed a new logo, then took the familiar yellow color and used it to accent Deb’s new website.


alder|creative kept the design elements true to the business history and personality of the owner. Stock photos were carefully chosen while others were taken by the alder|creative team. Quality, spunk, and history are the accents of this website, accurately reflecting the personality traits that make up The Jerky Gal.


Deb does much of her in-person sales at events, such as the Puyallup Fair. The design elements from alder|creative translate nicely from web to real life. Her branding and logo make her presence seamlessly coordinated. Take a look at her fantastic setup!